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You want to dance Salsa, Merengue, Bachata or other Latin dances in Europe or just want to see what┤s on there ?  
Drop in on an extensive directory of salsa and latin dance clubs in Germany, Austria and
some other countries worldwide: addresses and more than 2000 pictures

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Welcome to ! You're about to discover the Salsa scene of central Europe. At  the bottom navigation bar You┤ll find the clubs in alphabetical order of their towns in Germany, Austria and a few other countries (or click here for the club lists of Germany: A to G, H to P and Q to Z, Austria and the worldwide club list). Salsa dancing in Germany: ę

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Do  You want to see the salsa dancing pictures ? Below these lines You find a selection of salsa dancing pictures. More of them, the entire number You can access through the club address lists (A to G, H to P, Q to Z and the Austrian Club list). See the selection of the entire list following; Photos from:  

 Pictures: the Salsa Clubs of Austria  


 Photographies: the Salsa-scene in Germany  


 Photographies: Clubs in other countries  

Arnhem: Ziko┤s | Antwerpen: Axxes | Brussels: miscellaneous | Eindhoven: Salsa de la Rosa | Best (Eindhoven): Salsa Breeze | Gent: Noche de la Pasiˇn | Maastricht: Platte Zaol | St. Gallen: AHA | Habana | Wingling | Kiev: Caribean Club | Madrid: Empire | Cuba: Santiago de Cuba | Teneriffa: Cubanisimos |   This is just a small selection. For the entire list of Salsa dance locations and photographies see the world wide Club list: Argentina | Australia | Austria | Belgium | Chile | Cuba | Czech Republic | Finland | France | Germany | Hungary | Israel | Italy | Japan | Netherlands | Romania | Russia | Spain | Switzerland | Thailand | Ukraine | U.K. / Britain | . Salsa dancing in Germany: ę / /


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The Salsa discos of Germany: PICTURES !
Gallery: die Salsa-DJ┤s of Germany

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The Salsa scene of Austria: PHOTOS !
Gallery: the Salsa-DJ┤s of Austria
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